11:52 | 30.09.16 | News | exclusive 10163

Armath Lab students present 3D-printed chess to Armenian President

At the 12th DigiTec Expo today, students of Armath Engineering Lab in Vedi High School presented the chess set they made on the 3D printer and gifted to Armenian President, who attended the exhibition.

Coordinator of Armath Laboratories project Anna Sargsyan told Itel.am that the children made the chess in 10 days of constant work.

The chess set was produced by 6 students.

“Children at the Armath Lab for robotics in Vedi High School came up with the idea to make a chess set on the 3D printer. It was just a difficult task at the beginning, as these pieces are hard to make on the 3D printer. Then we realized that the project was successful and thought of gifting the set to Armenian President, which we did at DigiTec,” Anna Sargsyan said.