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LiveBoard is now available on AppStore

The iOS version of Armenian LiveBoard free app has been launched.

LiveBoard is an interactive blackboard that allows you to draw online and chat with friends at the same time. You can find practical tools for drawing in the application, as well as work on the same blackboard without Internet connection, make you hand drawing into a precise image, share your works on social media, etc.

LiveBoard co-founder Tigran Barseghyan told Itel.am that LiveBoard can become a replacement for classroom blackboards.

“At the moment, we are searching for innovative teachers who will help test the app in several schools. The teachers will have an opportunity to get rid of chalky blackboards, prepare lessons and use them in different classes. They can write/chart only once and give the lesson with the same materials in several classes, even for several academic years,” he noted.

According to Tigran Barseghyan, schools use innovative technologies more and more often, and certain spending is required to install them.

“LiveBoard doesn’t require such expenses. You only need an Android tablet or phone to use it, thus the spending on devices used in learning process decreases notably, and we should also take into account that many students have according devices already,” LiveBoard co-founder stressed.

The Android version of the app was launched in spring 2015 and has been downloaded around 32 000 times by now.

Narine Daneghyan