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Share4Car. The first Armenian online AutoStop

Share4Car is the first Armenian online AutoStop, which helps find people who’re taking the same route and has 2000 users already.

The application is available at Google Play.

Share4Car PR Manager Lilit Muradyan told Itel.am that their goal is to systematize the traffic in Armenia, making it more affordable. 

According to her, you can register in the app both as a passenger, setting the routes, and a driver with a personal car. This allows to split the travel expenses easily and save time and money as a result.

“Any passenger in Yerevan, using Share4Car routes, pays AMD 80 minimum and AMD 300 maximum. Outside of Yerevan, Share4Car system calculates the cost by the 1 km/AMD 12-15 rate. Passengers pay with cash, and Share4Car keeps a 20% commission from each deal,” explained Lilit Muradyan.

Lilit Muradyan doesn’t consider Share4Car a taxi service, though.

“Drivers who go from point A to point B anyway take passengers who’re taking the same route, as a result drivers lessen their travel expenses, and passengers save their time, moving in pleasant and affordable conditions,” stressed she.

Share4Car was founded by Mikael Galstyan this February. At the moment, the team is comprised of 9 people. According to Lilit Muradyan, they first came up with this idea in 2013, when the free car promotion was held in Yerevan.

“Our target audience are people who are fed up with the inconsolable state and irregular work of public transport or just don’t want to waste money on taxis,” noted she, adding that they intend to bring more functions into the application.

It is worth noticing that Share4Car gained over 1000 active users and more than 100 routes since its launch on March 1.

The iOS version of the app will be ready in July.

Narine Daneghyan