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MyCards: an alternative for plastic discount cards

Armenian MyCard virtual cards give Armenian companies (shops, cafes, services) an opportunity to create their own virtual cards and provide them to customers instead of plastic cards.

MyCards work with iOS PassBook (Wallet) and Android PassWallet virtual wallets. PassBook (Wallet) is a virtual wallet created by Apple, that is widely used abroad.

First Outsourcing Company Director Levon Israyelyan told Itel.am that owing to MyCard virtual cards, virtual wallets are already available to Armenian businesses.

“Plastic cards belong in the past now; new generation cards are more that just cards, they are a platform, where business-customer communication becomes more interactive, and which notably decreases the expenses of delivering information to customers. Virtual cards are multifunctional, they can be accumulative and discount; by the way, customers can view their card balance online. They can be also non-permanent, for example, cinema or theatre tickets,” said Levon Israyelyan.

MyCard virtual cards allow customers to see their card balance online, and receive notifications about new promotions or discounts without any additional applications.

“The cards notably decrease expenses for delivering information to customers. You create a card, coupon and/or event, you send it to your customers. They receive your card, coupon or event invitation, and save it in their phones. They show the cards in their phones if necessary, which are scanned by the company,” noted Levon Israyelyan.

According to Levon Israyelyan, MyCards are also convenient for keeping.

“Customers (especially women) often have so many discount cards that they forget which card gives what advantage or discount, while that’s just impossible with virtual cards,” remarked Levon Israyelyan, expressing a hope that the cards will become widespread in Armenia.

The platform is widely used already in CIS and a number of European countries.

The founders anticipate to increase the number of users to 20-30,000 in the nearest future.

Narine Danegyan