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Pixomatic. Armenian photo editor in AppStore

The application that is available in 14 languages (including Armenian) is available in AppStore.

Pixomatic is created by Armenian Qube company and costs USD 2.99.

The company Marketing Representative Garik Avetisyan told Itel.am that based on a locally developed image processing engine, the app allows users to easily edit their photos, giving them a creative look.

“Pixomatic is entirely created by our small team. It enables users to accurately and conveniently remove and change image backgrounds, add blur, customize colors and apply selective adjustments. It took us a little over 5 months to develop Pixomatic. We wanted to make sure that it is fun, quick and comfortable to use”, said Garik Avetisyan.

CEO of Qube Gevorg Hambardzumyan highlighted that a huge gap is noticeable between new technological developments and ordinary iOS users.

“One feature, which will certainly be most appreciated by creative users, is its ability to automatically detect contours of a selected object, separating it fully from the background and make hilarious and creative compositions”, said Gevorg Hambardzumyan.

He said that they have founded Qube with 3 friends in June 2015.

“We wanted to focus on C++ software development outsourcing services.  But just after 2 months of launch, we have started to look for the own product, and after analyzing AppStore we have found that there is gap for smart photo editor. So we have decided to automate those features and active developments started in August. We named our app Pixomatic (Pixel automation) to show our core mission to make photo editors smart”, said Gevorg Hambardzumyan.

Pixomatic programmers team lead Sasun Hambardzumyan highlighted that currently they aim at creating an iOS app in a global level. They will think about creating an android version after.

“Pixomatic is simple and very user friendly: literally everyone can work with it”, noted Sasun Hambardzumyan.

Photo editing app creators plan to update Pixomatic photo editor nearly every 1-2 weeks. iPad version is coming soon with some more automation features, according to the authors.

Narine Daneghyan