15:27 | 22.10.15 | News | 4953

Beeline expands online service options

Beeline announces expansion of the online service options.

3 online service options are simultaneously available to Beeline subscribers - private message on Facebook, an e-mail to customer_care@beeline.am and though Online Assistant on the company’s website.

Through the chat on Beeline official Facebook page, subscribers will be able to get full servicing as they do through the Customer Call Center. On this platform, customer servicing includes all the landline and mobile Beeline services. Subscribers just need to write about their question in the private message.

Beeline simultaneously offers services through an e-mail.

Customer servicing on the first stage is available on Facebook and via  customer_care@beeline.am at 09:00 - 24:00.

As of now, the waiting time for the reply on the chat and via e-mail doesn’t exceed 28 minutes.

Online Consultant service on http://www.beeline.am official website is also one of the online service options.

“More and more we hear that subscribers give preference to online services. It’s not convenient for young people to visit offices and leave their environment for work and leisure. Digital world of social networks is expanding and simultaneously, our company is getting more digitized, too. I am proud to note that we are the first in Armenia to have started full online servicing.  Beeline is ready to support our subscribers everywhere including virtual world taking care of the quality, availability and convenience of services”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin. 

“We have quite an extensive experience of dealing with customers and I am more than sure that our online service options will be soon in high demand among young people in the first place. The modern world is changing fast and I am very happy that besides traditional servicing methods we also offer modern solutions to customers. I assure that we will continue doing the best so as every subscriber could get more quality, faster and convenient servicing”, noted Head of Customer Service Manager Anna Avetisyan.

Online servicing is carried out in the language of the message.