Sevan Startup Summit 2018

22 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Sevan lake

Around 1000 entrepreneurs from around the world will take part, including 120 startup teams

Karen Vardanyan

Union of Information Technology Enterprises

Executive director at Union of information technology enterprises

Nina Achadjian


Founder of HIVE Seed Fund

David Yang


Founder of ABBYY company, creator of Lingvo digital dictionary

Haig Kayserian


Australia-based angel investor, founder of KAYWEB and KAYWEB Angels


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Most stylish IT offices: VOLO

A convenient office is the key to success of every company. The better the office conditions are, the easier and more productive the creative process is.  

As a rule, technology companies have the most innovative offices. In parallel with IT development, their number also increases in Armenia.    

This series of focuses on Armenia-based IT offices standing out with innovative and bold solutions.

VOLO is an innovative IT outsourcing boutique. It was founded in Yerevan in 2006.

“We have built our company on the backs of world-class developers, and have a deep, enterprise-grade experience creating The Next Big Thing for industry leaders”, VOLO notes.
The company is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

VOLO’s slogan

VOLO is located at the Komitas Avenue and occupies a whole floor

VOLO employs 51 people, mostly IT specialists

Busy working days

You can use a massaging chair if you feel tense

It’s a rest room - always full of football fans

Those who don’t like football can play chess

The big and colorful aquarium is one of the perks of the rest room

A corner for having a tasty lunch

As a rule, a fridge door can tell a lot about employees

Happy Fridays are already a tradition

When there is a need for a meeting

Unity is important for VOLO

About the deadlines

Motivation is 50% of the job

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Mariam Loretsyan

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