11:21 | 25.04.15 | News | 4355

Shadowmatic already available in Armenian

Shadowmatic 3D imagination-stirring puzzle game is already available in Armenian.

Triada Studio Technical Director Bagrat Dabaghyan told Itel.am that the Armenian version’s font was developed by Triada Studio and was used for the first time. Earlier, the game was released in 12 languages.

One of the novelties of the updated version of the game is iCloud game progress sync, better silhouette recognition etc.

Shadowmatic was released in January 2015 by leading Armenian computer graphics company, Triada Studio.  Appearing on all the country's App Store Editor's Choice section, it was recognized the best game of January by Apple.

During the game, the players should find the silhouettes hidden in the shadows. The player rotates the abstract 3D subject making familiar silhouettes matching with the environment.

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