15:32 | 04.10.13 | News | 3932

Business ideas of finalists of DigiTec Expo summer camp presented to visitors

Innovation business projects of the finalists of the DigiCamp first IT entrepreneurship summer camp were presented within the DigiTec Expo 2013 high-tech forum.

Business ideas of young entrepreneurs presented upon the decision of the organizers of DigiTec Forum in two separate pavilions aroused big interest among the visitors of the exhibition held in the Expo Center in the territory of Mergelyan Institute in Yerevan this year.

CEO of "ArmenTel" which is the sponsor of the summer camp this year visited young entrepreneurs-finalists of DigiCamp summer camp.

"We are very pleased to see that already on the first day of DigiTec forum, Armenian businessmen demonstrated great interest in DigiCamp pavilions and the children themselves get "the voucher to life" in front of us, acquired new business contacts and ties and get acquainted with their future colleagues and partners. We think the main part of our company's corporate responsibility is to help people change their life for the better. Today we all together see the vivid example of how young initiative guys start their own business with our help and given the actuality and innovative character of their ideas, they will be able to head their own companies even tomorrow, create new workplaces and develop the country's economy", noted "ArmenTel" CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

It should be noted that DigiCamp summer camp was held in Tsakhkadzor on August 1-10. 26 people aged 16-30 took part in it. During the summer camp, the participants got acquainted with the leaders in the technology sphere, heard their success stories,  disclosed the secrets of success of leading companies, took part in the lectures of specialists and acquired practical experience.