07:48 | 06.11.12 | News | 9559

VivaCell-MTS launched MobiDram e-payment system

Yerevan/Mediamax/. VivaCell-MTS announced the official launch of MobiDram, its fully owned subsidiary company.

MobiDram represents an entirely new level of customer service providing an opportunity to the population of Armenia for benefiting from a wide range of transfer and payment services either through mobile phone\'s USSD menu, MobiDram webpage or by physically attending a MobiDram branch.

As of today, 25 MobiDram branches are operating across the country (18 in Yerevan and 7 in the regions). Further on, more branches of this new company providing electronic financial services and a wide range of payment and transfer services will be opened across Armenia.

At MobiDram branches, it will be possible to make local and international destination money transfers using Contact system (soon through Anelik also). One can make routine monthly utility payments for water, gas, electricity; settle invoices for mobile and landline communication, as well as pay for internet provider services, make international transfers; money transfers to banks operating in Armenia, including mortgage, personal, car and other installment settlements, as well as traffic police penalties and other payments, saving the customer’s time and efforts.

VivaCell-MTS is the first and only telecommunications operator in Armenia to render innovative USSD-based mobile and online financial transaction services, through MobiDram. The services accessible over the mobile phone\'s USSD menu (available to VivaCell-MTS’ subscribers only) and through website by visiting www.mts.am/mobidram or www.mobidram.am include instantaneous e-account to e-account transfer, e-account to bank account transfers, withdrawal of amounts, routine monthly utility payments for water, gas, electricity; payments for mobile and landline communication, as well as for internet providing services.

The option of performing financial transactions via MobiDram over mobile handset, by using USSD menu, is accessible on every model of mobile phone. It means that it’s not necessary to have a smartphone and mobile internet connection in order to make transaction via MobiDram. Equally, access to MobiDram services can be performed without using any particular software.

“MobiDram is an opportunity to better serve our customers’ needs by providing easy and fast electronic access to comprehensive financial services and electronic payments, providing an opportunity for the effective management of money. For example, with MobiDram one can turn his ordinary mobile phone into a convenient mobile payment device. As the first telecommunications operator offering comprehensive electronic financial services over mobile phone\'s USSD menu, VivaCell-MTS is of course driven by consumer demand for more innovative, effective and fast financial payment services. On the other hand, the idea of creating MobiDram is a reflection of world trends - increased integration of financial payment systems with e-money systems. Most importantly, MobiDram with its opportunity of creating and operating an electronic account, is an ideal financial service for the people who have no bank account or expect convenience in transferring funds to each other online. The economic benefit of MobiDram is that it will be a serious boost to the development of the sphere of e-commerce in Armenia,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.