17:20 | 15.12.11 | News | 2796

ArmenTel offers “Internet Packages” and “SMS Packages” for subscribers of “Exclusive Line” corporate tariff plans

Yerevan/Mediamax/. “ArmenTel” (Beeline trademark) announced the launch of “Internet Package” and “SMS Package” services for postpaid subscribers of “Exclusive Line” corporate tariff plans. The services allow the clients to send/receive certain volume of traffic and short messages for a fixed monthly fee and save over 80% on the internet traffic and over 50% on the SMS.

Activating “Internet Package 40”, the client will get 40Mb for AMD 800, “Internet Package 100” – 100Mb for AMD 1600, “Internet Package 240” – 240 Mb for AMD 3000 and “Internet Package 440” – 440Mb for AMD 4000. By activating “SMS Package 40”, “SMS Package 100”, “SMS Package 140” and “SMS Package 240”, the client will be able to send respective number of short messages to the Armenian operators’ numbers for AMD 600, AMD 1200, AMD 1600 and AMD 2200 respectively.

““ArmenTel”, Armenia’s universal operator, always cares about its corporate clients. Taking into account the clients’ wishes, we offer them to make the communication more convenient and affordable providing them mobile internet and short messages at new discounted rates. The service packages allow the user to set the tariff on his own depending on what he wants”, noted “ArmenTel” CEO Igor Klimko.

The subscriber may simultaneously use “Internet Packages” and “SMS Packages”. You can activate the services visiting the Corporate Sales Service or Beeline sales and service offices. Upon connection to the service, the client will be provided the traffic/SMS volume depending on the period form the start of connection up to the end of the month and the package will activate automatically at the beginning of the next month. You can get information about the volume of remaining megabytes by dialing 0674006 and 0674004 – about the number of remaining SMS.