16:32 | 12.10.11 | News | 3237

The Regulator decreases the maximum price level on the wholesale internet in Armenia almost 5-fold

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia approved the new tariff formula on the wholesale internet today. According to the formula, the maximum price for 1 Mb of unlimited internet for ArmenTel is set at AMD 35 600 instead of former AMD 174 000.

PSRC member Samvel Arabajyan informed today that back in 2010-2011, the actual prices on the Armenian wholesale internet market made AMD 66 000 on average (whereas the maximum price was established at AMD 174 000 from January1, 2010) and the recent price decrease was conditioned by sharp growth of consumers of broadband internet and IP traffic, Mediamax reports.

“The volume of IP traffic in Armenia made 10 GB in early 2011 whereas it made 17 GB as of the first half-year and the number of broadband internet users grew by 100 000 from the early 2011, making 340 000 as of the data of the half-year”, said Samvel Arabajyan.

According to the PSRC research, 67% of the IP traffic market in Armenia is owned by ArmenTel which is the sole dominant of the market.

Maximum tariffs established by the Commission can only be applied to the dominating company.

Apart from ArmenTel, 2 more companies operate on the IP traffic market, FiberNet and GNC Alfa.

Samvel Arabajyan informed that new players on this market are expected to emerge in early 2012.