15:03 | 08.07.11 | News | 3605

“ArmenTel” finishes digitization of Yerevan fixed network and gets ready to introduce a super fast VDSL technology

Yerevan/Mediamax/. “ArmenTel” Director General (Beeline trademark) Igor Klimko said today that the digitization of Yerevan fixed network has been carried out by 100%. The total cost of the project was $6mln.

“This is the beginning of a new stage of introduction of advanced data transfer technologies, high quality TV and interactive games. They will be available for our subscribers in the future,” Igor Klimko said. He noted that “ArmenTel” plans to introduce high speed digital VDSL technology which will bring the connection speed up to 40Mbps.

Igor Klimko said that VDSL2 is the newest and most advanced standard of DSL broadband wireline communications.

“We have chosen the most advanced, effective and secure model which will use existing infrastructures,” said Igor Klimko.