14:05 | 08.10.10 | News | 3307

“Ayb” initiated a project on introduction of best international educational manuals in Armenia

Yerevan/Mediamax/. “Ayb” educational foundation initiated a project on introducing best international educational manuals in Armenia and translating them into Armenian.

Chairman of “Ayb” Board of Trustees, Father Mesrop Aramyan informed at a news conference in Yerevan today that from a thousand manuals of Russian schools and educational manuals of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and A Level European and American educational systems, they have chosen 300.

According to him, by the efforts of workgroups, the best manuals on mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and other subjects have been chosen. Father Mesrop Aramyan stated that scientists, teachers, postgraduates have entered the workgroups. They now translate and edit the best publications of Cambridge, Oxford, etc.

“These books will become a fundament for educational program of “Ayb” high school, which will host its first 100 students on September 1, 2011. The educational system of our country cannot exist without synergy with a certain powerful educational system: independent solutions do not result in a proper level”, Father Mesrop Aramyan stated.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees informed that the process of English Language manual design for Armenian schools has been completed in American Universities. Due to that, Armenian graduates will be able to pass entrance exams to international educational establishments.

At that he noted that the Foundation realizes the entire project on introducing international manuals in Armenia due to its own efforts and due to members of “Ayb” Club.