16:02 | 24.06.10 | News | 2384

France Telecom Vice-President considers doubling of Orange subscriber base in Armenia realistic

Yerevan/Mediamax/. France Telecom Vice-President Olaf Swantee stated in Yerevan today that he is impressed by the results of the 6 month activity of Orange Armenia.

Mediamax reports that Olaf Swantee stated that Orange managed to put the telecommunication market of Armenia to significant changes.

“Thus, we kept our promise to be the most innovative operator and introduce the culture of a European operator in the Armenian market”, France Telecom Vice-President stated.

According to him, Orange revised its forecasts concerning the subscriber base in Armenia towards increase. It reached 250 thousands in a short period of time. “I believe that in the nearest future this figure will double”, Olaf Swantee stated.