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“We expand staff to realize a number of new projects”

Interview of Marketing Director of Telcell payment system Sergey Usnunts to Mediamax Agency and Banks.am portal

- How did the crisis affect your company? They believe that in the crisis period, people try to limit their expenses, for instance, on mobile connection.

- In late 2008, we started making the company’s plans for year 2009, basing on two scenarios: optimistic and pessimistic. January and February were difficult months, which exactly corresponded to pessimistic forecasts, in March the situation started stabilizing, and already in April we demonstrated good growth.

Since April till August, the growth dynamics for payment volumes was stably positive, and following the results of the first half of 2009, as compared to the same period of last year, the growth made over 75%.

- What is the structure of growth?

- Last year, in the entire volume of payments, realized in Telcell network, the share of mobile operators reached 85%. We, of course, very carefully watch the development in the market: what will happen with operators, what their financial indices are, etc. At the same time, from the beginning of this year, we started paying significant attention to connecting new operators, providing services to the population, in order to diversify the payments, transferred through our system. One can say that we managed to do that, and already today the share of mobile operators in the general basket of payments has reduced to 60%.

This year, we connected over 10 operators, including companies providing internet services and services in the sphere of IP telephony - Arminco and Unitel. In 2010, we expect stirring up among providers, who render internet services by WiMAX technology and intend to also enter the market of landline telephone connection.

- Back last year, Telcell started cooperating with credit organizations and banks. What is the dynamics of that cooperation?

- Naturally, because of the crisis, many programs of financial organizations were temporarily interrupted. From our part, we are ready to resume discussions on promising projects after the situation in the financial-banking sector stirs up.

- Can one expect entry of new players to the market of electronic payment services or consolidation of the existing ones?

- I consider the entry of new players unlikely, since the market is already mostly formed. Also I don’t think that in the nearest future any mergers or consolidations are expected in the market.

- A bit less than 4 months are left till the year closes. What main tasks does Telcell intend to take care of in this period?

- Despite the fact that in crisis period many companies reduce their staff, we, on the contrary, expand and actively enroll people: operators for the call-center, programmers, technical specialists, system administrators, territorial managers.

By the way, using the chance, I want to say that interested people may send their CVs to info@tel-cell.am, as well as get acquainted with our vacancies, posted at Job.Banks.am. I can assure that all CVs will be carefully studied.

We expand the staff to realize a number of new projects. Te negotiation stage on those projects is almost over. We, in particular, plan to accept payments for municipal kindergartens, medical and educational institutions. With many structures the talks are already concluded. Among those establishments are largest private and state higher educational institutions. It is time to elaborate program and technical solutions and this requires involvement of new personnel.