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PSRC will conclude issue of number resources to new fixed connection operators in February-March

Yerevan /Mediamax/. In February-March, the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia will conclude the process of issuing number resources to companies, which want to provide services in the sphere of fixed connection.

As the Head of PSRC Telecommunication Department Gevorg Gevorgyan stated in an interview to Mediamax, after “ArmenTel” Company renounced monopoly for a number of various activity types, PSRC elaborated a program of measures to help new operators more quickly enter the market of fixed connection. In particular, the issue of interconnect of new operators with “ArmenTel” Company, which dominates in the market, was solved.

“Simultaneously with the process of depriving “ArmenTel” of monopoly rights, the order for signing agreements with interested parties on securing conjugation of networks was put in effect”, Gevorg Gevorgyan stated.

The second condition for full-scale provision of fixed connection services by new operators was the availability of corresponding number resources. PSRC representative informed that recently the Commission made changes to Armenia’s plan for numeration and established the order of codes for potential fixed telephone connection operators.
New companies will be providing fixed connection services by regional codes from (+60xx) to (+65xx), and the final number of the subscriber will be a 4-digit figure, Gevorg Gevorgyan stated.
According to the Head of Telecommunication Department of PSRC, in February-March, about 8-9 companies will have the corresponding number sets. The Commission is in process of talks with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), concerning providing Armenia ISPC codes (International Signaling Point Code) to secure international exit for the new operators.
Gevorg Gevorgyan stated that in March the potential fixed connection operators will be able to start negotiations with “ArmenTel” to secure interconnect, which, according to the law on “Telecommunications”, cannot last for more than two months. In extremis, any of the sides may turn to PSRC to solve disputable issues.
Answering the question of Mediamax on possible interference from the part of the Commission in the process of tariffs formation for fixed connection, Gevorg Gevorgyan stated that each new operator will strive to occupy leading positions in the given market and offer competitive tariffs, however, if there are dumping manifestations, the Commission will take up the corresponding measures.
Commenting in an interview to Mediamax on PSRC plans, Head of Legal Service of “ArmenTel” CJSC David Sandukhchyan stated:
“ArmenTel” supports any step, directed to liberalization, including deregulation of competitive services. At the same time, we consider important to mention that liberalization of the market should not be accompanied by establishment of preferential terms for new operators and additional commitments for the current ones. We are sure that efficient competition may exist only in cease equal conditions are secured for all subjects of the market”.