11:18 | 26.03.24 | News | 11343

Ucom launches network modernization efforts in regions of Armenia

Ucom announces the launch of the modernization efforts aimed at enhancing the coverage and end-user performance of existing 4G+ networks in the regions of Armenia and the upgrade and expansion of the mobile network in preparation for the delivery of 5G-ready services.

With the first batch from planned shipments of this year Ucom received an up-to-date systems and radio modules from Nokia. These up-to-date modules will be utilized to modernize a portion of Ucom’s regional sites enhancing coverage in those areas and extending LTE technology.

The latest released baseband and radio modules are designed to support all known mobile technologies simultaneously, including 3G/4G+. This also will facilitate a seamless transition to 5G in the future, requiring only a software reconfiguration.

"According to our vision, expanding and modernizing our regional networks is one of Ucom’s primary goals, as well as laying down the network of the future preparing our equipment to support 5G technology. Today this is the first step we take with our partners at Nokia, but our subscribers will see the difference very soon gaining access to high quality services like in Yerevan," stated Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.

In partnership with Nokia, Ucom aims to modernize and expand its mobile network, preparing it for the transition to 5G across Armenia. Additionally, Nokia will update the core infrastructure of Ucom's fixed and mobile network and introduce a high-capacity IP transport network.