17:19 | 28.12.23 | News | 22877

The contribution of Ucom company to the Goghtanik settlement

With the support of Ucom company and SunChild NGO, a solar photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 6.9 kWt was installed in the administrative building of Goghtanik settlement of Yeghegis enlarged community.

The aim is to spread the green agenda and develop community infrastructure.

"Our commitment to social responsibility extends to all communities where we can make a charitable impact. Through the installation of this alternative energy receiving station in Goghtanik, we address two key issues: providing heating for the administrative building and the adjacent cultural house, where the community's events are organized, and simultaneously, helping them save funds for addressing other essential needs," stated Ucom Director General Ralph Yirikian.

This collaboration materialized in 2023 within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation signed in August between Ucom company and the SunChild NGO dedicated to the preservation of nature and culture. Originally, the support outlined in the memorandum was intended for other initiatives. However, given the forced displacement of Artsakh residents and their resettlement in various communities in Armenia, the focus shifted towards easing the challenges associated with managing rural communities.

"SunChild NGO has been implementing environmental projects since 2006. As a result of implementing this project with Ucom, the community will be able to develop faster. The funds saved from the operation of the installed solar photovoltaic plant will be able to be redirected to the implementation of other projects. These joint works will be continuous and will be aimed at the development of community infrastructures," said Sona Kalantaryan, Director of SunChild NGO.

"As a result of the savings of this solar photovoltaic station, we will have the opportunity to spend that money for the improvement of other areas, for example, in the direction of compensating the damages caused by bear attacks. The installation of the solar plant is effective and useful," said Artur Stepanyan, head of Yeghegis enlarged community.