17:03 | 16.10.23 | News | 14283

Ucom has expanded its fixed services to include Gavar as well

This year, Ucom extended its fixed network not only to Goris but also to Gavar.

As a result, both individual and corporate subscribers in Gavar can now enjoy the benefits of the Ucom fiber optic network, which is built using the latest technologies.

Residents of Gavar also have the option to combine fixed and mobile communication services in a single package. Moreover, if they subscribe to the regional Unity 9000 package for 12 months until December 31, they will pay only 8,000 drams per month. This package grants them access to home internet with speeds of up to 150 Mbit/sec, the ability to watch content from over 210 TV channels, 20 GB of mobile internet, and the opportunity to use the most popular mobile applications without consumption of megabytes from their main data bundle. Additionally, the package includes 1000 minutes to call all local networks, the USA, and Canada.

Gavar resident David Muradyan has subscribed to the largest tariff package, "Super Unity 20,000." Over the next 6 months, his family will enjoy complimentary access to home internet with speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s, access to 210+ TV channels, including those in 4K quality. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to purchase up to 4 Super SIM cards at a special price, offering an abundance of minutes and megabytes. As a bonus, David's family has also received the latest Wi-Fi 6 device, ensuring faster and smoother internet access at home.

“Modern-day realities necessitate that every family secures an internet connection, telephone communication, and multi-channel television for their close ones. I'm pleased that Ucom offers regional Unity services in my home town," stated David Muradyan, a subscriber of the Ucom’s Super Unity package in Gavar.

"We promised our valued subscribers that Ucom would expand its fixed network to cover regional cities this year. You've witnessed the network expansion in Goris, and now we're proud to extend it to Gavar. However, there is still much work to be done, with more cities in our plans. I'd like to highlight two special offers for our future subscribers in Gavar. If you sign up for one of our regional packages, Unity 7000 or Unity 9000, for 12 months, you will enjoy three months of free services. Furthermore, by subscribing to Unity 9000 for 12 months, the monthly fee will be reduced to only 8,000 drams instead of 9,000. I strongly encourage all our prospective subscribers to choose Ucom and benefit from our convergent offer," explained Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.

During his visit to Gavar, Ralph Yirikian also toured Gavar State University, where hundreds of students were granted the privilege of free high-speed internet access from Ucom within the university premises and all its buildings.

“On behalf of Gavar State University, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ucom, represented by its Director General Mr. Ralph Yirikian, for providing reliable, high-speed, free internet access to students, teachers, staff, and guests of the university. This initiative ensures access to modern information and communications for educational and research purposes, allowing us to effectively utilize telecommunication technologies. It also fosters a new culture of public services. Thank you very much for our cooperation," said Rector of Gavar State University Ruzanna Hakobyan.

Let us add that Unity tariff technical connections in Gavar will be implemented within three days.