14:11 | 01.08.23 | News | 7240

Viva University: Starting inception for university students

Mariam who lives in border city Berd of Tavush along with 150 students from various universities, participated to the educational project “Viva University” of Viva-MTS, that provided her with the chance to attend a two-month course at the service center.

Now she goes through trainings at the Viva-MTS service center in her town Berd.

“When I was a subscriber, the work seemed easy. However, it’s only now that I comprehend the real difficulty and level of responsibility. Punctuality, hard-work, politeness, adherence to rules and self-education play a crucial role. In the service industry, I discovered myself and my abilities from a new perspective. I will make sure these qualities exist not only in this phase of life, but always,” Mariam Meliqyan says.

It’s already 8 years Viva-MTS has been implementing this important educational program for students of different Armenian universities. This year 23 students took part in a two-month training program conducted both in Yerevan and in marzes. “Viva University” offers an opportunity not only for skill development, but also for securing a position in the job market. This year’s project focused on IT, sales and customer service.

The diversity of the educational program will enable students to develop both narrow professional and general knowledge in the field of telecommunications.