16:54 | 22.05.23 | News | 5122

Denovo Sciences to collaborate with two research teams of CIRI

Denovo Sciences Inc., an AI-powered drug discovery company, announces a long-term collaboration with the VIRIMI and NITROVIRE research teams at the Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI) in Lyon, France to develop highly effective pan-coronavirus inhibitors.

This collaboration will bring together Denovo’s state-of-the-art reinforcement learning-based molecule design platform with the scientific expertise and facilities of CIRI. By leveraging unique strengths, this partnership aims to develop novel antiviral compounds that can effectively combat current and future coronaviruses.

Hovakim Zakaryan, CEO and co-founder said: “We believe that our partnership has the potential to significantly advance the development of much-needed therapies to address respiratory infections caused by human coronaviruses.”

Pierre-Olivier Vidalain, head of the VIRIMI team noted: “Collaborating with Denovo Sciences presents a unique opportunity to integrate cutting-edge computational approaches to drug discovery into our antiviral research programs. The early results from the molecules designed by Denovo Sciences are truly stimulating, and we are optimistic that this project will pave the way for novel therapies against respiratory viruses.”