09:56 | 23.12.22 | News | exclusive 12443

Hayk Yesayan: All operators can provide 5G but there is no need for it in the market

General Director of Team Telecom Armenia Hayk Yesayan believes that there is no need for 5G in the Armenian market.

“It is still a bit early to talk about 5G, because there is no need for it in the market, the consumption is very low. All the three operators functioning in Armenia can easily provide 5G network, but this is not yet commercially viable. We can say that the company to do this first is more likely to pursue marketing goals,” Hayk Yesayan said in an exclusive interview to Banks.am.

He noted that Team Telecom Armenia also launches a major project of data center creation.

“Due to NGN network we have gone beyond the borders of the Republic of Armenia and now we provide internet to 5 countries of the Middle East. Armenia has now become an internet-exporting country. This collaboration was made possible thanks to very complex and consistent work. The market of the Middle East countries is interesting, because in terms of Internet supply, you are “fighting” with Turkey and Azerbaijan here. As a result, we reached the point where we got 50% of the supply. This is a great achievement for Armenia, since in our case this was the company’s “struggle”, in case of Turkey telecom is state-owned, and Azerbaijan has great financial opportunities,” Hayk Yesayan said.

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