14:02 | 28.10.22 | News | 11953

With the efforts of Viva-MTS 20,000 trees to be planted in Lori in the fall

With the joint efforts of Viva-MTS and "My Forest Armenia" environmental NGO, 20,000 trees will be planted in the fall.

It is noted that climate change has become a serious challenge for the world. Armenia, the last in terms of percentage of forest cover in the region, is not free from it either.

For 17 years already, Viva-MTS, implementing projects of environmental importance in different regions of Armenia will not remain indifferent this year either.

The start of the new cooperation was given by a tour organized by "My Forest Armenia" organization in "Benjamin  Gumuchdjian" nursery operating in Lori Region, during which Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian planted a name tree in "Guests' Alley". This fall, 20,000 trees will be planted in the 6 ha area of empty mountain, called Jarshen-2. Viva-MTS employees will also take part in the tree planting.

“The goals of information and communication technologies are clear - this is the continuous development of technologies and their implementation for the needs of a person and business. Here we try to maintain leadership positions. The sustainable development of communities, the need to live in harmony with nature oblige us to be responsible in our activities. If we neglect today's problems, tomorrow their consequences may affect our children. What we do is important for the conservation of ecosystems. And our activities in the field of environmental protection are aimed at results in the long term,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian said.

Around 250 people, again from Lori region, joined the workers of non-governmental organization "My forest Armenia" during the planting and maintenance period.

Viva-MTS invested 12,6 million drams to plant 20,000 trees in the fall and spring of this year.