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IUNetworks presents Armenia’s digitalization experience to the Zimbabwean delegation

IUNetworks hosted the delegation from Zimbabwe. During the meeting, the Armenian experience of introducing electronic management systems was presented to the guests. Itel.am presents the details of the meeting.

Exchange of experience

The Armenia-based IUNetworks company provides integrated hardware and software solutions, facilitating interaction with government agencies and minimizing the administrative burden for economic operators.

The cooperation between the Government of Zimbabwe and IUNetworks launched in early 2022 after the company won the competition for the development of a new tax system for the Republic of Zimbabwe announced by the African Development Bank.

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Aram Mkhitaryan, Chief Executive of IUNetworks, said their specialists have already had business trips to Zimbabwe, and this is the first official visit of the partner party to Armenia.

“More than 10 years ago our company developed Armenia’s tax information system. The tax information system is one of the most important systems for any state, because it is a connecting link for other systems.

Aram Mkhitaryan Aram Mkhitaryan
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Armenia once took a big step in the digitalization of tax processes, and today we have 100% fiscalization. This applies to electronic invoices, cash registers and other similar subsystems. The purpose of today’s meeting is to share this experience with our partners,”he said.

Toward African market

Aram Mkhitaryan noted that the Zimbabwean delegation was also presented the experience of introducing other electronic management systems by both IUNetworks and other partner organizations.

“There are quite a few companies that develop tax information systems and have that experience in the world, while our company, after Armenia, introduced such a system in Tajikistan as well. Currently works on developing the Kosovo tax information system are underway, we have also done a great work in Bhutan. This meeting is also important for our company in terms of entering the African market. We are sure that after the successful completion of the program, it will be quite easy to introduce our systems in other countries of the region,” IUNetworks CEO said.

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He stressed that the “One window for foreign economic relations” system was also developed by IUNetworks. It has been introduced in Armenia, as well as in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The company is currently working to start cooperation with another African country.

Continuous cooperation

The Zimbabwean delegation included not only representatives of the tax inspectorate, but also officials from the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the President’s Office, etc. Representatives of Armenian state bodies also attended the event.

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Dr. Paradza Paradza, a member of the Board of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, stated that they are very pleased with the work of the Armenian company and consider continued cooperation very likely.

“The involvement of representatives of state bodies in our delegation speaks about how important this visit is for us. It is aimed at creating solid foundations for relations with the IUNetworks company, ensuring development and continuity. There are other systems that we are interested in and would like to introduce them in our country too. Among them are, for example, criminal processes and road traffic management systems,” he said, adding that the strategy adopted by the Zimbabwean government is to achieve full automation and digitization of management systems within the next 10 years.

Dr. Paradza Paradza Dr. Paradza Paradza
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Dr. Paradza Paradza said that they are enjoying their first visit to Armenia and will try to extend their stay here if possible. “We hope to expand more our business cooperation with Armenia,” he added.

Gayane Yenokyan