17:34 | 28.10.21 | News | 6692

SAP and the EU TUMO Convergence Center Team Up to Boost Digital Education

SAP and the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science launched a strategic collaboration aimed at helping university students and recent graduates understand, utilize and shape digital technologies.

“Innovation is what supercharges any science and technology ecosystem, and our collaboration with SAP deploys an innovation platform that is full of promise, not only from an industry perspective but also in terms of leading-edge research and education,” TUMO chief development officer Pegor Papazian said.

As part of this collaboration, the EU TUMO Convergence Center is now an associate member of the SAP University Alliances program. As such, it will have access to SAP software and learning content.

The SAP Innovation Center Network in Potsdam, Germany, has developed 22 innovation exploration challenges for TUMO Labs.

“Students have the opportunity to put their creativity to work and connect research ideas to real-world business challenges,” said Lukasz Ostrowski, development manager at the SAP Innovation Center Network in Potsdam. “Working with educational institutions like TUMO Labs offers us the chance to find new talent and shape the next generation of enterprise software together.”