17:05 | 23.10.20 | News | 69492

Rostelecom pledges to double its staff’s donations to Insurance Foundation for Servicemen

The war that has been going on for about a month has united all Armenians around one goal - to defend our homeland, guaranteeing its peaceful future.

However, the most difficult and responsible task fell to the soldiers, who fight for the defense of the homeland at the cost of his life.

“The defense of the homeland begins at the border and continues in the rear. A strong rear give strength to the soldiers fighting on the front lines, each of whom must be sure that in the future they and their families will be safe and under the care of the state. Rostelecom joins the “Let's make one into two” initiative and from now on doubles the monthly payments made by the employees to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen to provide compensation to the soldiers who died or became disabled while defending the borders of our two homelands and their families. Strength and energy to our soldiers, and let them all return home safe and sound!” said Rostelecom Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.