15:57 | 21.10.20 | News | 63528

Ucom subscribers to benefit from 0 AMD/minute special rate for calls from/to Artsakh

Due to the martial law, starting from October 21, 18:00, when roaming in Artsakh, the special tariff of 0 AMD per minute will apply to incoming calls, calls to Ucom networks, as well as for local calls.

Moreover, for individual users, a special tariff of 0 AMD will also apply for calls and short messages (SMS) from Armenia to Artsakh.

In order to use Ucom phone number when roaming in Artsakh, subscribers need to simply activate the Roaming service before departure from Armenia. Ucom subscribers can activate and deactivate Roaming service by dialing *121# and hitting the call button and following the instructions on mobile. The activation of the service is free of charge.

Let us remind, that while using internet in Artsakh, Ucom subscribers pay 17 AMD per each MB used.