14:05 | 18.10.20 | News | 59373

Viva-MTS: Reports of Ralph Yirikian’s detention are false

Viva-MTS has officially announced that the reports about its General Manager Ralph Yirikian’s detention, interrogation, involvement in any legal process or case, especially complicity in criminal acts are completely false, imaginary and untrue.

“Ralph Yirikian, both in the past and now, carries out his daily professional and managerial functions.

We regret that while Artsakh is rightfully in the public spotlight, we have to issue such clarifications and denials in response to the slander that defames the good reputation and dignity of Viva-MTS and its General Manager.

At the same time, taking into account the strategic importance of the communications sector in the current situation and in general, we call on the Armenian National Security Service and the Police to pay attention to the sources and disseminators of such slander in order to identify their real goals and take appropriate legal measures.”