10:49 | 27.05.20 | News | 16605

Beeline to help corporate clients build internal networks

Beeline has announced that the company begins building local networks and installing servers and network equipment for corporate clients.

These services will be available for subscribers of Corporate Internet or Corporate VPN bundles.

The internal network will have one-year guarantee and enable companies to unite and jointly use computer networks, printers and other pieces of equipment, incorporate information services in one system, reduce to minimum the network management and maintenance costs, secure high-level reliability and accessibility of the network, and ensure high quality of service during use of various apps.

“We attach importance to making customer experience comfortable. Previously, clients had to build internal networks on their own in order to subscribe to Corporate Internet or Corporate VPN bundles. Now our corporate clients don’t have to apply to third parties: Beeline will provide the entire spectrum of services and make the installation and final testing,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

The service is available for subscription for 12/18/24 months.

Corporate clients can find more information on https://www.beeline.am/en/b2b, call 010-700700 during working hours or send a message to Beeline Business Facebook page. Applications can be sent to corp@beeline.am.