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Armenia’s operators are ready for larger internet traffic

Itel.am has contacted Armenia’s operator with the request to share details about their work during the state of emergency. The responses from operators are presented below.


Viva-MTS mobile network operates uninterrupted, and voice and data transfer services are provided as usual. The monitoring of continuous operation of the mobile network is conducted in a stricter manner and corresponding staff work in shifts.

The capacity of the network allows Viva-MTS to serve larger volume of data transfers.

Since March 16, Viva-MTS has registered no substantial increase in mobile internet usage. The reason is that 4G network is being consistently modernized and the fact that the company’s tariff plans offer a comprehensive package of voice and internet services.

The subscribers of tariff plans X, Y, Z, who usually use internet the most, have unlimited internet for Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Zangi, Telegram, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, which means they can use these apps without spending MBs included in the plan.


Beeline Armenia prepares for emergencies beforehand and makes sure that even in such circumstances subscribers have continuous communications with loved ones and relevant national services.

We consistently develop and modernize our networks: just in 2019, Beeline made superfast VDSL and FTTB internet accessible in almost all areas of Yerevan and enhanced the network in several cities including Etchmiadzin.

As of the moment, the company has an increase in internet use: between March 13th and 19th, the mobile internet traffic increased by 3% compared to the previous 7 days.

In the same period, fixed-line internet use grew by 24% compared to the previous 7 days. We are ready to secure bigger volume. Our technicians work 24/7 in order to secure continuous communications.

Beeline also provides free access to relevant information sources and hotlines. We announce about all these measures on our Facebook page and via SMS notifications. 


Rostelecom has registered a 15-20% increase in internet traffic since March 13.

The network is not overloaded, so there are no issues. The company is ready for the load to increase. The staff works in emergency mode and everything is done to secure quality, continuous communications.

In addition, the company has launched a range of new offers: free access to entertainment and children’s TV channels, all films and TV series, and a new educational channel Hybrid Edu (ch121).

Customer service is provided round-the-clock via call service. Subscriptions and payments can be made on the company’s website.


The traffic has increased by 10-20% (at different times of the day) over the last two weeks.

Such an increase cannot be considered overload: it happens in the first days of each month even without the state of emergency. Sometimes it happens during the broadcasting of important events and statements. Therefore, it has caused no problems.

The only issue with internet access in Armenia, which occurred recently, was related to the damaged cables in Georgia, not to the overload of internet traffic.

Narine Daneghyan