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SoloLearn challenges other Armenian tech companies with an anti-tobacco campaign

Armenian-American enterprise SoloLearn has launched an anti-tobacco campaign, encouraging the smoking staff in their efforts to quit. The company is challenging other tech enterprises to organize similar campaigns.

Four smokers in SoloLearn will try to quit over the next three months. The employee who manages to quit the habit will be rewarded by a trip to Europe. The company will sum up the campaign on May 26.

It was launched on February 25 at SoloLearn office. Itel.am attended the event, during which head of Be Informed NGO Arusik Mkrtchyan introduced SoloLearn staff to the smoking-related harm to health and ways to quit the habit.

Head of HR at SoloLearn Armina Mkhitaryan has told Itel.am that the company is trying to encourage healthy lifestyle among employees through different campaigns.

“All our employees receive a healthcare package and gym membership cards as a bonus. Four out of seven smoking staffers are involved in the anti-tobacco campaign. We want other IT companies to join us, so this is a challenge,” said Armina Mkhitaryan.

According to her, if more than one staffer quits smoking by May 26, the company will hand out more prizes.

Founded in 2014, SoloLearn is the producer of the app of the same name, which has 17 million users worldwide, mostly in the U.S., India, Eastern Europe, and Russia. Users can learn JavaScript, Swift, Python, C++, HTML/CSS and other coding languages via the app. In addition to theweb version, SoloLearn is also available on Google Play and App Store.

The company has offices in Yerevan and San Francisco. The Armenian team includes 40 experts.

Narine Daneghyan