11:22 | 13.02.20 | News | 18119

Beeline launches promotion and sale ahead of Valentine’s Day

Beeline has launched “Love is…” promotion for subscribers of pre-paid tariff plans: unlimited internet for 3 days for just AMD 500.

The internet package of the promotion is 4GB, which the given subscriber can split with another.

Beeline has also launched a sale ahead of Valentine’s Day: on February 10-20, vanity numbers with “033” code will be sold with up to 40% discount on bid.beeline.am.

“The most romantic and beautiful holiday, St. Valentine’s Day is ahead. Beeline decided to prepare a surprise for the subscribers, make communication with their loved ones more convenient and pleasant. The significant discount for vanity numbers with “033” code will help them choose a special gift,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Subscribers can activate the internet package until 23 February 2020 by sending the USSD code *1414# and split the package by sending *2020*number of the recipient#.