16:29 | 31.01.20 | News | 16498

Viva-MTS comments on its 2019 tax payments and taxpayer ranking

Viva-MTS has commented on its rank in the list of Armenia’s largest taxpayers of 2019, released by the State Revenue Committee.

According to the company, in the accounting period (January-December 2019) it paid all taxes (total AMD 9.88bn) and did so also using the AMD 6bn overpayment it had as of January 1, 2019.

“Therefore, the real amount of tax payments Viva-MTS made in the accounting period makes AMD 15.88bn and not AMD 9.88bn. Given the abovementioned fact, Viva-MTS should rank no lower than 7th in the list of the largest taxpayers. It also makes the company the largest taxpayer in the telecommunications industry.

It also should be noted that Viva-MTS has had overpayments to the state budget, using them up in the course of the following year, since 2017,” the company said.

Since the beginning of its activity in Armenia, Viva-MTS has paid around AMD 259 billion in total.