14:03 | 30.10.19 | News | 13048

“MTS TV” mobile application. A joint project between VivaCell-MTS and Shant TV

Owing to the “MTS TV” mobile app you will no longer miss exclusive TV programs of Shant TV, including the entertainment programs and important football matches, you will be able to manage your time effectively while in a traffic jam or in a queue, you will entertain your kids in the car or at the resting place.

“MTS TV” mobile app is a new way of increasing the availability of Armenian content. The mobile application allows you to turn your smartphone into a full TV, to get important information, while being away from home and to watch a number of Armenian TV channels and TV series in HD quality in the coverage of VivaCell-MTS’ 3G and 4G/4G+ network, as well as through Wifi. Use of the app until December 31, 2019 inclusive is free.

The project was presented via Facebook live by VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian and Executive Director of Shant TV Arthur Yezekyan.

“MTS TV” application usage requirement for Android operating system is at least Android 5 and for IOS at least 10. One can download the applications through Google Play Store or Apple Store. Initially, the following 11 channels will be provided: “Shant Premium HD”, “Shant News”, “Shant Serial”, “Shant Music”, “Shant HD”, “Shant Kids”, “TV5”, “H1”, “H2”, “Yerkir Media” and “Kentron”. The complete set of content created by Shant TV included in the “MTS TV” mobile app, will continue to expand.

The service will be available for Viva2500, Viva3500, Viva5500, Viva7500, Viva9500, as well as X and Y tariff plan subscribers- both for prepaid and postpaid. While watching programs provided within the scope of “MTS TV”, Internet will be free of charge. It will not be consumed in terms of the volume of Internet provided by the above tariff plans.

The service will be activated upon registration in the application by entering the phone number and other necessary data, and will only be available on one mobile device. For conditions and details of registration, please visit here.

The application has a convenient interface, electronic manual, where the subscriber can find information about channels, programs and genres, and also set reminders that will notify the user about it before the program.

“The launch of mobile application "MTS TV" with a strategic partner and a leading producer of video content Armenian TV channel "Shant” is an important step towards the transformation of VivaCell-MTS from a telecommunications operator to a digital service operator. In the new digital age, content becomes vital, and VivaCell-MTS, through its most extensive network, provides maximum access to digital content through the app bearing its logo. The company consistently enters new spheres in accordance with global trends” – said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

"Shant TV has invested its full potential and rich experience in the television industry for creating "MTS TV" mobile app. Providing the content of the app, we offer specialized Armenian channels according to the taste and interests of the audience. Without advertising interruptions, and with catch-up and reminder capabilities, the "MTS TV" app will save the user's time and help them not to miss any program,” said Artur Yezekyan.

The services provided within the mobile application will be available exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.