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Volo presents Raiser, the “person-oriented” HR management solution


Armenian IT company Volo has created a human resources management system that automates the daily routine work of both HR specialists and the staff.

A team of 20 people worked on cloud solution Raiser for 2 years, and today it is being tested in 4 Armenian companies.

According to Volo founder and CEO Armen Kocharyan, the solution’s MVP is currently ready and will enter into the market officially in 2020.

“The team did comprehensive research of market players in the last two years. What we have today is already better than competing solutions in case of certain modules. There is indeed demand for our solution in both local and global markets, because companies are actively seeking similar systems to install in their HR departments,” said Kocharyan.

Volo office Volo office
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He noted that Volo solution’s business philosophy is based on the person-oriented approach, the needs and expression of people in corporate environment.

Volo office Volo office
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“Volo understands that labor is based on people. Thousands of interviews later you realize that people want to change jobs because they feel tired and they want to learn new things, grow. So, we asked ourselves: how can we keep people interested in their work and environment and enable them to learn something new? We tried to design a system for the whole staff, not just HR specialists.

We named the solution “Raiser”, deriving from “raise”, because it is aimed at engaging the employees to the utmost and helping them discover the full range of their abilities, which will help improve relations between coworkers in the corporate environment,” underlined Armen Kocharyan.

According to him, at the same time Raiser covers all main functions of the HR department. It is targeted at companies with up to 500 employees.

Volo office Volo office
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“The world is changing. Strong companies and countries are the ones with talented individuals. If you focus on the people, you shape a talent, and if you focus on the process or system, you create a factory. This is why we focus on people, because we believe that strong companies are person-oriented,” concluded Armen Kocharyan.

At this stage Solo is looking for partners in Armenian market, and next year, when the final version of the solution comes out, the company will enter into the European and American markets.

Volo was founded in 2006 and has since expanded to 7 branches, 4 out of which operate in Armenia and 3 others – in Ukraine.

Narine Daneghyan