15:44 | 08.08.19 | News | 10812

Digitain and Develandoo prototype solutions based on modern Artificial Intelligence technologies

Digitain and Develandoo are prototyping new solutions based on modern Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The exclusive strategic partnership between the companies has started since April 2019 intending to modernize its current systems by implementing AI technologies.

Particularly Develandoo within their EPICA Artificial Intelligence platform will provide personalized games recommendations for players, by periodically learning on iGaming data based on each player’s favorite game, demographic attributes, gaming history, and other gaming data, while the recommendation engine will use the co-occurrence matrix to find and recommend more attractive games for players. This will allow players to discover more exciting games and improve overall iGaming experience.

Besides, the Protogen AI platform will also analyze players’ betting activity. Now it will be possible to identify fraudulent and risky players by tracking their betting patterns. Due to this functionality, machine learning functionality will automatically grade players on a scale from 1-10 by their level of riskiness.

As a result, Digitain partners will shift from traditional historic database analysis to pattern recognition and behavioral predictions by identifying fraudulent gaming activities in advance.

The new AI technologies are penetrating Digitain’s IT infrastructure with the speed of light, promising revolutionary impacts on the global industry.