12:35 | 09.07.19 | News | 7062

Housing program continues with support from VivaCell-MTS

The Minasyans are the 8th family in Syunik region supported by VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. These days, construction is underway in Akhlatyan village. The principle of volunteering is becoming a tradition even without partners’ intervention. This is one of the important achievements of the housing program.

24-year-old Hrachya from Syunik has overcome serious problems... Having lost his mother years ago, his family has also fought for the life of one of Hrachya’s brothers. Consistent and long efforts helped save the life of the youngest of the family. The boys, who have become even stronger with every challenge of life, have made sure their mother's dream came true. Both have already graduated from the university and work at the Akhlatyan village school. The youngest brother is going to become a student. Now they are trying to open a new page in their life. Three sons stand side by side and support their father: they have started building a house which remained unfinished for 28 years.

The works inside the semi-constructed house have united everyone. From time to time, the neighbors, relatives, and friends come to volunteer and help the homeowners. Hrachya, who has volunteering experience and knows the value of it, appreciates the volunteer support. The work moves forward with much enthusiasm and jokes. Now they want that happiness always be inside the new house.

“I have many dreams but the most important one is to see my father safe. For many years he has not been able to build a house. After my mother's death and after having overcome my younger brother's serious health problems we managed to start the construction that my father always wanted to do but wasn't able to finish. I want him to live a quiet life in the house that we are building after years of suffering,” said the elder son, 24-year-old Hrachya.

Due to a heavy workload, the heads of VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia are not always able to join construction works. However, the life of the families and the construction process are in the center of their attention. Sometimes, before they will meet, the physical absence is filled with a message.

“Hrach, I’m aware of the difficulties your family has gone through. I send you, your brothers and your father this message from my workplace. I realize how strong you are and what kind of willingness you demonstrated to overcome misfortunes. Fight for your dreams. You deserve to be respected. Be optimistic and be sure that you'll see happy days inside the newly built house,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.