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Ara Shamirzayan: Webb Fontaine Armenia is expanding the team

Webb Fontaine has held its first annual summit in Yerevan on May 7-9. More than 35 Webb Fontaine executives and employees from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe visited Armenia to take part in the summit.

The main goal of the event was to foster cooperation between the branches. The summit featured live demos, workshops, discussions and presentations where all the speakers introduced the progress, the achievements and future goals of the company, including the possible growth of operation in Armenia.

The Webb Fontaine Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE and with offices throughout the world, specializes in improving government services through e-government systems, business process reengineering, and leading edge information technology.

In the scope of the summit, Itel.am has talked to Ara Shamirzayan, Executive Director of Webb Fontaine Armenian Office.

Tell us about the activities of the Armenian branch of Webb Fontaine.

The Armenian branch was founded back in 2005, but we had a total restructuring of the office in 2015. Currently, the Armenian office is involved in all stages of the development, from design to implementation and support.

We have different teams with different expertise involved in the process, from business analysts and developers to staff that is traveling to other countries where Webb Fontaine operates in order to implement different projects.

What qualifications should the candidate have to work for your company?

For us, the most important part is to be a highly qualified professional. Education and hard work are also important aspects.

In addition, it’s very important to have employees who are team players and easily integrate into our current team.

Our company has different stages of job interview, where each applicant should pass not only technical but also behavioral tasks in order to make sure they can match with our existing team.
You are expanding your team, so you have some open positions. Tell us about them.

That’s correct. We are expanding our team in Armenia. Currently, we have 3 new projects and 2 of them require development of an entirely new product. Basically, we are supposed to create 3 new teams from scratch which means we do need all spectrum of development, including software, QA, business analysts. The company is looking for senior developers and QA analysts, around which we will be able to build those new teams.

Comparing to other Armenian tech companies, what makes Webb Fontaine unique?

We are a fully international company, with wide diversity among our staff. While working for us, the Armenian employees have the chance to interact with different nationalities and learn from international expertise.

We also give our staff the opportunity to travel to different countries where we implement the projects and gain experience of working inside a fully international team.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Ara Shamirzayan