14:59 | 07.05.19 | News | 8750

Beeline celebrates Radio Day

Today Beeline Armenia is celebrating Radio Day.

The company organized a function and handed out prizes to staffers from technical departments, who made a notable contribution to the development of Beeline’s network infrastructure.

Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin congratulated head of network construction and project implementation department Vahram Mnatsakanyan with the “Telecommunications worker of the year” award, which he received for the substantial contribution to development of Beeline network. A collective award went to 20 members of Beeline’s technical departments for implementing key projects.

On the occasion of Radio Day, the company also opened a small photo studio on the first floor of the office located on 24/1 Azatutyan St., where all visitors are welcome to take pictures.

“This wonderful holiday is also celebrated by the telecommunications sector, as most communications technologies work on radio waves. As one of the companies that built the telecom sector in Armenia, Beeline considers it a mission to provide the country the most advanced communications technologies. Today we award Beeline employees who have contributed the most to the development of our network. Additionally, I would like to congratulate all communications, radio and television workers with our common holiday!” said Andrey Pyatakhin.

“I congratulate all our colleagues with the awards and I wish them more achievements and professional success, which will also help us maintain the high level of telecommunications in Armenia and secure constantly improving services for our customers,” said Beeline Armenia CTO Maksim Levin.