16:55 | 21.02.19 | News | 15126

Ucom will Provide Safe Internet Access in Schools

On 21 February, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan and Ucom Co-founder and Director General Hayk Yesayan at the RA Ministry of Education and Science.

The two parties will cooperate within the framework of a program aimed at ensuring safe access of pupils to the Internet in public schools.

In particular, upon the permission of the RA Ministry of Education and Science and with the support of the qualified specialists of "CyberSec" LLC, one of the top computer security businesses, Ucom through its "DNS" server will to the extent possible block access to unwanted content in public schools.

Besides, Ucom will continuously monitor the smooth implementation of the program and upon notice from the Ministry on any faults detected during the implementation, will respond and take appropriate actions in the shortest possible time.

"We emphasize the importance of accessibility and safe use of online educational resources. The pilot program was launched at 20 and will be finally implemented in 1,400 schools of the country," said Arayik Harutyunyan, the RA Minister of Education and Science.

"We have many years of experience of effective cooperation with the RA Ministry of Education and Science, in particular, in public education. Our company has always advocated for free and at the same time safe use of the internet. As a responsible business, we help parents limit their underage children's access to the internet and protect them from violent and abusive content. We also offer complex content blocking and anti-virus solutions for adults. This cooperation with the RA Ministry of Education and Science will, indeed, increase our responsibility towards all pupils of the country," noted Hayk Yesayan, co-founder and Director General at Ucom.