15:07 | 20.02.19 | News | 8682

VivaCell-MTS supports construction of new local heating system in Agarakadzor

Construction works are actively underway in the kindergarten of Agarakadzor, a village in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. A local solar heating system is expected to provide the institution with conditions, which have lacked since the collapse of the Soviet Union. For 38 years now the kindergarten has been inoperable in winter months due to the absence of heating.

With no heating system, the kindergarten is operable only 7-8 months a year. Electric ovens, one per each group and bedroom, are not enough to ensure the required temperatures. The ovens are also an additional safety concern. Catching cold among kids is a frequent matter, too, because of the low temperatures indoor. The teachers at the kindergarten say the interruptions of the educational process due to the seasonal recesses have negative impact on the learning outcomes. That is why the solution of the problem is crucial for the kindergarten and the 50 kids attending it.

VivaCell-MTS and FPWC have joined efforts to solve the heating issue. The local system will have sun-powered 9.5 kW/hour heater and a 300 liter heat-exchange tank. The results are already tangible: the number of kids to attend the kindergarten has grown reaching 58. This is a major achievement for a village with a population of 1490.

“The kindergarten has always had this problem. We are closed till April 1 or even 15 at times when ovens and electric heaters do not suffice to provide the necessary temperature. Kids catch cold too often and the parents avoid bringing them to kindergarten. Electric heaters cannot provide enough temperature. Wood ovens are banned from use in kindergartens: we are watchful, but incidents happen every now and then. After the construction is finished, the kindergarten will work year-round. It is vital for everyone,” says the kindergarten principal Nakhshun Beglaryan.

“The community budget is not enough to solve problems like this one. This project is a major support to the village. We have more births in the recent years, which means that more small-aged kids will potentially attend kindergarten. The heating system will definitely have positive impact,” Derenik Martirosyan, head of Agarakadzor administration said.