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Avet Manukyan: We presented AI-based solution “Doctor Lex” at HIMSS19

A co-founding company of the National Health Operator of Armenia, Sylex SARL participated in HIMSS19 Health IT Conference in the U.S. on February 11-15.

Itel.am has talked with Sylex SARL CEO Avet Manukyan about the conference and their presentation.

This was the first booth for Sylex at the conference expo. What solutions did you present?

We presented our diagnosis assistant that operates on artificial intelligence.

The solution created by our programmers can serve as assistant to physicians and help them give more accurate diagnosis. As an AI-system designed to assist doctors, our solution uses the information about the patient’s symptoms and lab tests to suggest a disease possibly causing the symptoms and tests that can reveal it. As you can see, the assistant helps doctors give the most accurate diagnosis quickly and prevent erroneous diagnosis.

Sylex SARL Director of Business Development Garren Badalyan at HIMSS19 Sylex SARL Director of Business Development Garren Badalyan at HIMSS19
photo © Sylex SARL

How productive was participation in the conference for Sylex and what did you achieve there?

As an IT company operating in the healthcare sector, we always attended HIMSS Health IT Conference as guests to learn about the news and innovations in the field.

This year we attended as participants for the first time and presented next to giants such as IBM and Oracle Corporation. It was also the first time Armenian programmers took part in this forum, largest of its kind, as participants. That was equal parts an interesting event and a responsibility.

photo © Sylex SARL

It was important for us to present at the conference in order to understand our place in the context of global innovations and the “coordinate system” generally as an IT company specializing in healthcare sector. So to say, we wanted to see the tendencies and move along with the times but also show our unique product.

By the way, attendance at our booth was one of the highest. The guests showed genuine interest in our “Doctor Lex”. The doctors mostly wanted to learn about the solution’s capacities, and usually, they would be skeptical first. Then they would test it and walk away really enthusiastic about the solution. It was the most important thing to us. Our main conclusion is that “Doctor Lex” is definitely in demand and useful for the doctors, because it saves both time and money.

photo © Sylex SARL

The most important result, I would say, is that we reached plenty of agreements with foreign medical institutions (especially in the U.S.) on pilot test of our solution. It was what we expected to achieve at the conference.

What are the company’s plans for 2019?

The AI part is ready, and now we are entering into the testing stage. It is a product for the healthcare sector, so we need to have a more comprehensive testing to make sure the solution serves its purpose.

We will test “Doctor Lex” in different countries on technical platforms designed specifically for this solution. When we have the expected results, we will get to the launch stage. That is the main plan for now.

photo © Sylex SARL

Additionally, we want to expand the capacity of the solution, so it can help both with diagnosis and treatment assigning.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Avet Manukyan