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Ucom’s Director General conductes an open lecture for “Armath” Lab and “Teach for Armenia” Students in Kosh

Within the frames of cooperation of Ucom and “Teach for Armenia” educational foundation, which is ongoing under the “Technologies for Education” motto, the heads of both companies have visited the Kosh community’s secondary school in Aragatsotn region.

The Co-Founder of Ucom has conducted an open lecture on technology for 18 students of “Armath” engineering laboratory of the mentioned school and 12 pupils studying in Lernarot. Those are pupils of Anush Melkonyan, the biology teacher at Lernarot school and a fellow at TFA’s Leadership Development Program, who has joined the community this year.

This visit was especially cognitive for Lernarot students: they had the opportunity to get acquainted with their peers in the neighboring village, got familiar with the activities of the “Armath” engineering laboratory and took an active part in the open class of Ucom’s co-founder Hayk Yesayan.

“During this short timeframe I’ve tried to provide children with the knowledge of where the world moves on, and that it’s important the children do not see themselves as mere users, but rather take responsibility of the creators. When faced with choosing their own specialization they should take the right decision – because we all understand that the development of artificial intelligence, computer technology, network logic, and neural networks will lead to the elimination of a large number of professions. If today we do not tell our children about this, if we do not support them in their professional orientation, tomorrow they won’t be able to create something worthwhile”, said Hayk Yesayan, Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

“I’m glad about Ucom and “Teach for Armenia’s” cooperation. Appreciating the role that Armenia wants to take in the ICT sector, I want to emphasize that the activities of “Armath” right in the school are probably the most important step towards the future, the development of our country. In this regard, there are so many things to do,” noted Larisa Hovhannisyan, Founder and Head at “Teach for Armenia” educational foundation.

According to the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) and Ucom, the latter invests to open around 70 more engineering club-laboratories named “Armath” in 9 regions of Armenia. Hayk Yesayan, the Director General at “Ucom”, visits the existing “Armath” labs on a regular basis, meets their students, gets acquainted with the their achievements and follows up the progress.

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