10:54 | 23.10.18 | News | 9652

Beeline launches new service for corporate clients

Beeline has launched vPBX service for corporate clients.

vPBX service is a solution for quick management of phone connection in offices without expensive equipment and cable installation.

The service provides a non-geographic telephone number and unlimited number of internal extensions, processing of up to 100 incoming calls at the same time, regulation of voice welcome and smart management of calls between departments, employees and regions. vPBX gives the opportunity to conduct survey and analyze the efficiency of employees’ work and ad campaigns.

“In addition to vPBX service, we provide corporate clients with Optimal 2500 and Optimal 3500 beneficial tariff plans for numbers with“060” non-geographic code. These packages, specially elaborated for businesses, also include the opportunity to acquire “nice” non-geographic numbers. The offer will allow our clients not only to advance their business phone connection, but also estimate the convenience of the work, carried out by one of the largest telecommunication operators in the country,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.