14:23 | 11.09.18 | News | 13938

Ucom Launches “uKid Smartwatch and Phone” Innovative Offer

At the start of the new academic year, Ucom came up with an innovative offer of “uKid: smartwatch and phone for kids”.

uKid, which is operating in Armenian, suggests to follow the “Free child, carefree parents” slogan. It is targeting parents of children aged 4 to 12, who from now on have the opportunity to always stay in touch with their children, send notifications and messages, and clearly know the child’s location at any time. The parents will also be able to send reminders about the daily schedule to their children, as well as count their steps.

The customers will be able to acquire the device by subscribing to the uKid tariff plan for 12 months and paying 20 000 AMD as an advance payment, and then pay the device fee of 2500 AMD and tariff plan monthly fee of 2000 AMD during the period of 12 months. Upon the expiry of the commitment period, they will only pay the uKid tariff plan monthly fee of 2000 AMD. Within the framework of the mentioned tariff plan the child will receive unlimited minutes and unlimited SMSes within Ucom mobile network, as well as 1GB of mobile internet to benefit from a range of the smartwatch functions. The parent will be able to download and install uKid application in their iOS or Android devices, learn the location of their child at any time, call him/her or send short text messages, receive notifications, when the child leaves the safety zone, activates the SOS regime or is in an emergency situation.

“As an innovative Armenian company Ucom acknowledges that so far the local market has offered very limited and non-complex solutions to all parents worrying for their children. The solutions offered in Armenia are not even in Armenian, they mostly work in 2G network, the applications have a lot of bugs, and the configuration of the internet connection may take hours. While uKid is not just a kids’ smartwatch or an app, it’s an essential tool understanding the Armenian language, which enables parents and their kids to always stay connected due to the safe, secure and reliable solution. Moreover, the devices are certified for the European market, those are non-toxic, the radiation is less than that of the phones’,” said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

Let us add, that the uKid smartwatch-phone is compatible with Ucom SIM cards only.