14:44 | 10.08.18 | News | exclusive 81677

Armenian app Zoomerang offers special video editing effects

Zoomerang is an app produced in Armenia, which enables users to make videos with background music and effects of their choice. The app has 4000 active users daily.

Currently, Zoomerang is rated 120th in AppStore’s list of video and photo editors. Creators of the app Arman Manukyan and Davit Grigoryan anticipate improving on the results and reaching top 50.

Manukyan has told Itel.am that app is available for iOS only now, but they are working on the Android version.

“Our app analyzes the score and applies relevant effects. The name of our product might give a hint that there is a Zoom function, also tailored to the background music, apart from the Erang effects. You can film your video at once or in parts, you can select the frame frequency and save the video on your phone. Or, you can share it with friends via the app,” explained the developer.

The beta version of Zoomerang appeared on AppStore in March. The final product has been available since July.