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Executive director at Union of information technology enterprises

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Beeline improves conditions for Drive tariff plans

Beeline announced the improvement of conditions of Drive postpaid tariff plan and launch of Drive prepaid tariff plan.

From now on Drive Mini, Drive Midi, Drive Maxi and Drive Maxi+ packages will be provided with respectively 15 GB, 40 GB, 65 GB and 100 GB internet both in prepaid and postpaid systems. The price of the packages will remain unchanged: Drive Mini: AMD 3000, Drive Midi: AMD 5000, Drive Maxi: AMD 7000 and Drive Maxi+: AMD 10 000.  

“We consistently work on the improvement of our packages to make them convenient and beneficial for our subscribers,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.

Drive tariff plans are provided with ultra-high-speed internet for laptops and WiFi/USB  modems. You can change your tariff plan only in case of internet packages.

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