Sevan Startup Summit 2018

22 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Sevan lake

Around 1000 entrepreneurs from around the world will take part, including 120 startup teams

Karen Vardanyan

Union of Information Technology Enterprises

Executive director at Union of information technology enterprises

Raffi Krikorian

U.S. Democratic National Committee

Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Democratic National Committee

Alexis Ohanian


American entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of the social news site Reddit

Nina Achadjian


Founder of HIVE Seed Fund


Talk to strangers and get answers to important questions

A2B transport

Transport routes search in Yerevan


Armenian-Russian social fitness platform


Order services through an app and receive them with fixed prices at home

Be Armenian

Armenian-themed backgrounds and greeting cards in Armenian


Puzzle game with arcade elements


Interactive desk to draw and chat


Imagination-stirring 3D puzzle game

Daily routine at BetConstruct

Hundreds of new IT companies kicked off in Armenia in recent years. They differ by size, field of operation and work environment.’s new series reveals specific features of Armenian IT companies.

Founded in 2011, BetConstruct works on development and supply of online and real game solutions. Among its innovative solutions are gaming-oriented Sportsbook, eSports, Sports Data Solutions, VR Casino, Retail Betting Shop Solutions, RNG Casino Suite, Live Dealer Casino, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports, etc.

BetConstruct is headquartered in London and keeps the main web-development office in Yerevan. The company’s partners receive support from 14 offices in different cities across the globe.

Anna Poghosyan, Head of Recruitment and Org. Development Department

We have ten people working on the HR team. There’s a free gym, hair care and manicure salon in the building only for BetConstruct employees.

There is a bar too, with very convenient prices. We give English courses for staffers with different levels of knowledge.

We present any big new product to the staff while we’re developing it. Our workers are fully informed and engaged in the process.

Our security is high-level, so we can enter the building only by personal ID cards. You can’t get inside without a card.

Every new staffer undergoes a three-month probation period. We try to keep the paperwork at minimum and allow our workers as much freedom as possible to respect the individual.

David Mnatsakanyan, Swarm Project Manager

David Mnatsakanyan

David Mnatsakanyan
Image by: Mediamax

We have five people in our team. We work on difficult, complex projects, which demands consistent efforts, so we split the tasks and established a duty schedule to keep problem solving under control.

We have some funny traditions within the team. There’s always someone to bring sweets and treat everyone at the office, and another team member is responsible for organizing recreation. These traditions appeared on their own (laughs–

As for the changes I would like to get, I’d vote for a larger parking lot.

BetConstruct employees get discount in a number of shops and recreational places. We can learn about current discount offers via our special app.

Mariam Khachatryan, QA Engineer
Mariam Khachatryan

Mariam Khachatryan
Image by: Mediamax

I never come to work late. In fact, you have to tell your Team Leader in case you have to do so.

Open space has its setbacks. Nevertheless, it’s convenient from communicative point of view, as you can easily find the person you need at an exact moment. I understand that we can’t completely exclude the noise, when so many people work and discuss projects in one space.
We either order lunch online or buy it at the canteen of the office. We also have a cocktail bar, where you can buy non-alcoholic drinks.

Usually we work at our desks, since everyone has a personal computer. Those working with notebooks can choose sofas or other areas in the office.

Aram Petrosyan, CRM Product Owner
Aram Petrosyan

Aram Petrosyan
Image by: Mediamax

It’s been 2 years that our team of 16 works by Agile method. We also involve interns, and we even recruited one of them in just a month after starting the internship. Usually internship is followed by a job offer.

I’ve worked at various open spaces for 7 years now. I build “virtual walls” whenever I need it. (

Parandzem Avagyan, Marketing team

We have quite an active group on Facebook, used for internal communication. BetConstruct includes 14 offices around the world, and we provide information in 2 languages so that everyone knows about the developments at the company. For example, our Uruguay office sends us pictures once they have a significant event. This is our way to keep in touch.

We have 3 PlayStations on our floor, so we organize “football championships” often in the evening.

Garnik Simonyan, iOS developer
Garnik Simonyan

Garnik Simonyan
Image by: Mediamax

I’ve worked here for 3 years, and I start my working day with a cup of coffee. Our team involves only 10 people, so we do not often hold briefings, only when we need communication with other teams.  

It’s quite difficult to work in an open space: sometimes noise does not allow you concentrate. On the other hand, we do not get too distracted as we wear headphones most of the time.

Vigen Tonyan, 3D Animation Department
Vigen Tonyan

Vigen Tonyan
Image by: Mediamax

I’ve worked at BetConstruct for 8 years now. I am specialized in concept design, i.e. elaboration of characters, games, spaces and general ideas.
My working day starts at 9 AM, followed by a morning briefing and discussions. I come to work with pleasure. They say your work is your second wife; you won’t be able to live with her, unless you live her. I follow this approach (  

Working day ends at 6PM, but sometimes I stay longer.

I haven’t yet remarked anything at the office, which I would like to change. The noise of open space doesn’t distract me.

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan

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