15:08 | 30.09.17 | News | 27136

Beeline launches first SIM card vending machine in Armenia

Beeline announced the launch of Simkomat, the SIM card vending machines.

Beeline Simkomat was developed in cooperation with Easy Pay in Armenia. It allows buying SIM cards with the Smart 1500 tariff plan and making payments for Beeline services without the help of the company’s staff.

SIM cards with the mentioned plant are sold for AMD 1600 in Beeline sale and customer care services, but the vending machines will provide them for AMD 1000. This service is available for both Armenian and foreign citizens.

Simkomat machines can work with any passport, as their unique algorithm recognizes documents regardless of format and language. Simkomat uses machine learning for identification and verification of faces, checks the identification document and makes comparison of the passport photo.

“Self-service and digital channels keep developing and we’ve been searching for ways to increase efficiency and decrease expenses through digital equipment for a long time. Thanks to the Simkomat machines, subscribers can buy Beeline SIM cards 24/7. As the customers take onto themselves the procedure of SIM card purchase, the dependence on working hours of sale and customer care offices disappears. We’re currently working to make it possible for customers to buy SIM cards and pay for Beeline services in cashless way, so that people don’t have to carry cash,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Simkomat vending machines are compliant with all requirements of Armenian laws. Thanks to the up-to-date encryption system, Simkomat reliably protects personal information of the subscribers. You cannot buy a SIM card with someone else’s passport, as the system will compare the photos, discover contradiction and reject the request.